Why your Garage Matters When it Comes to Curb Appeal


What’s the first thing you admire in a house when you enter a new neighborhood? Is it the well maintained garden? The huge, clean windows? The majestic front doors? The garage?

Regardless of what catches your attention first, that feeling of appreciation you get when you admire a home is partly caused by curb appeal.

Curb appeal is defined as “the attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property, as viewed from the street”.

The more appealing the outside of your house is whether you’re a homeowner or realtor, the greater the chances people will want to step inside your home. This can be achieved through inexpensive home improvements.

Door and doorstep

You don’t have to go to the extremes by altering everything about your front door. Incomplex projects such as a paint job or a retouch to liven up the color of your entrance can go a long way.

Simple details such as house numbers also make a big impact. Make it easier for people to recognize, and find, your home number. Adding surrounding moldings and makes your doors appear grander than it actually looks.


When was the last time you cleaned your windows? Rain isn’t always a “free wash”, in fact, it actually leaves behind more residue than we think. Shining up those windows is equivalent to the spotless smile of a human. The shinier and cleaner, the more likely others will smile back at you.

Landscape / Garden

Trees, branches and shrubs can either make or break your home. Grass has to be maintained and trimmed regularly. Add yard lighting. Plant some flowers. During fall season, don’t slack off on raking dried leaves from your lawn.

It doesn’t matter how striking your home is if all the best parts are obscured.

Roof and gutters

These hardest to reach places often suffer from rust, peeling paint and leaks. Make sure you clear out your gutters during the fall season as leaves tend to pile up on the roof and flow down towards pipes. Don’t wait until winter for the snow to accumulate either.

Loose and missing shingles are better off being replaced completely rather than repaired to avoid accidents due to slack parts.

Garage and driveway

Depending on the land area, the car, driveway and garage amount to at least one third of the total curb appeal. No matter how luxurious your car is, if your garage lacks aesthetics, the overall sight of your home will ebb.

Installing new garage doors are a good investment, especially if you plan to keep the home in your family for years. If you have a rundown garage door, restoring it can also help you save on energy, since newer garage door models have better insulation. Modern designs will also enhance home security.

For those who plan on selling their property, it’s better to leave the decision up to the new owner.

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