Simple Ways to Childproof Your Garage


The garage is where we tend to keep and store objects that are sharp, bulky, dangerous and too pretty to be kept in living rooms. From cars, sports and gardening equipment, how sure are you that your children will be safe when they come wandering and running around the garage?

Put yourself in the shoes of your kids and imagine things from their perspective – literally crouch down or sit on the floor. Keep their precious hands away from harm with these simple childproofing tips:

Double Check Doors and Locks

The access door from the house to the garage should not be easy to maneuver. One easy solution is a doorknob cover, which only adults can get a good, firm grip on. Dutch doors also allow adults to keep the top half of a door open and the bottom closed, providing parents with a view of what’s going on both indoors and in the garage.

Don’t forget to get your garage doors checked annually. Loose bolts and screws are also daily maintenance tests to do. Keep garage door controls away from kids.

Check for Critters/Insects

Garages are various insects’ favorite breeding space. Check for any wasp hives, spiders, cockroaches, moths, etc.

Schedule pest exterminations if you have to. Prevention is key, so store your trash and food in properly sealed containers.

If rats and raccoons are your frequent visitors, setting up traps and repellents are also effective methods of driving them away. Always keep bug spray around as well.

Secure Storage for Poisonous Substances

Reserve some cabinet space for poisonous substances such as matches, gasoline, bleach, paint, laundry detergents or lighter fluid. These should be tightly sealed and leak proof.

Pet food should also be far from being reached by their tiny restless hands.

Keep Tools Out of Reach

Organize your gardening tools, hardware and sports equipment strategically, rather than dumping them all in one corner. Invest in a rack to clear obstructions and keep floors as clear as possible. Hide tools with sharp or pointed edges inside drawers with locks.

Children will put anything in their mouths. Small items like screws, nuts and bolts should be stored in containers to reduce choking hazards. Verify that your tools won’t easily fall over either.

Secure the Car

Your children can get locked inside your vehicle when you’re not looking and possibly suffer from suffocation. As much as possible, don’t allow them to play in or around the car. They might accidentally start the vehicle and cause a driveway accident.

In short, make sure most of your surfaces are clutter-free, clear, covered, tightened, and locked. Also remember to unplug electronics after use and protecting outlets with childproof covers and plugs.

Your main concern is making sure you and your children have ample room to move around without worrying about bumping into anything, slipping or getting hurt.

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