More than a Car Caddy: Garage Spacing Hacks to Try


There’s no other room in the house that’s more multi-functional than our garage. We use it to keep our car dry and safe from harsh weather, doubles as a work space and most importantly, functions as a storage area.

As the part that is frequently overlooked and taken for granted in terms of aesthetics, we can revamp it in more ways than one so it becomes an efficient, organized space. Improving, systematizing and retaining your garage space is possible no matter the square footage.

Install Cabinetry

Keep things out of sight and away from children’s reach with sleek and slim cabinets. If the wall doesn’t provide space for cabinets, you can always use the ceiling. Overhead ceiling storage is perfect for items that are rarely used and seasonal, like snow gear, inflatable pools, or Christmas/Halloween décor.

Illusion Infusion

Depending on the material you use for flooring, you can make your garage look larger than it actually is. Use monochromatic colors to reduce abrupt color interruptions; gray usually works well in garages. Install continuous flooring rather than mixing up patterns and tile styles. Paint your walls almost the same shade as the floor so their meeting point becomes less noticeable. Consistency is key.

Also allow enough room for light to come in, rather than relying on artificial lighting from bulbs. To make this possible, you can opt to install garage doors with built-in windows.

Wall Organizer

Hanging-anything is your best friend when it comes to keeping the floor clear. Mount hooks on the walls to hang bikes or skateboards. Install pegboards for hanging gardening equipment, cleaning supplies and small tools.

Some even go as far as using a car lift to be able to store one car on top of another. Don’t attempt to set-up such contraptions on your own though. Features like these require professional services.

Label your boxes and containers with the description and its contents so it’s easier to look for the things you’re looking for.

Smart Furniture

A wall mounted work table that folds down or up to provide or reduce more space can also be set-up. Movable cabinets are also a good idea; since they can easily be manipulated around the area you need the extra room for – no more back-breaking lifting and rearranging.

Door Decisions

Automatic doors that roll up obviously take up less space than those that open sideways (carriage type). Homeowners more concerned about aesthetics may make the doors an exception and compromise other parts instead.


Before working with space, first you have to MAKE space. Do a general cleaning, categorize your stuff into keep, donate and discard piles. If you have time, schedule a small garage sale to get rid of items or furniture you no longer need.

With just a few tweaks, rearrangement and color coordinating, any space can look roomier than it actually is. Creating space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to tear down and rebuild.

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