Grueling Garage Decisions: Picking Door Details

When it comes to garage doors, it feels like any choice you make for your home is “good enough”, because, after all, don’t all garage doors look the same?

We tend to take our garage doors for granted, disregarding the fact that they roll up and down daily, withstand rough winds, rain or snow. We rely on them to function without a problem.

But what happens when we fail to modify them according to our home’s structure and location?

Manual VS Automatic Garage Doors

Method of operation is easily one of the first few things homeowners observe about a garage and it comes in either manual or automatic forms.

Manual doors require more hands-on effort. These will require to you to get out of your car to open the garage – even on cold, foul weather days. Thanks to modernization, automatic garage doors are now the more preferred option for homeowners. These types of garage doors usually come with electronic remote openers but can be a hassle and hindrance especially during a power outage.

Nevertheless, there’s no greater feeling than simply clicking a button to open the door to your car’s warm, safe haven.

For emergency purposes, always keep and extra remote control. Install a control inside the garage as well. Opt for lightweight materials to reduce the strain on the door and remote to extend its life and usage. Good maintenance of your automatic doors is critical to keeping them working securely. Although it is possible to install automatic garage doors by yourself, it isn’t advised.


As one of the most popular materials preferred by homeowners, wood gives off a classic, traditional look and is easily customized. Wooden garages do require frequent touch-ups, repainting and refinishing though.

It comes in various styles such as carriage garage doors, modern or contemporary and raised panel.


Some advantages of installing steel garage doors are its durability, inexpensiveness and low maintenance. Want the resilience of steel, but the charm of a wooden finish? Steel can be painted to look like it has a real wooden surface. As long-lasting as steel is, it remains susceptible to rusting and dents.

Aluminum, although similar to steel, is less expensive, lighter and is more prone to dents.


Those living in coastal areas are better off investing in fiberglass, since it is more resistant to salt-water corrosion. This is perfect for beach houses and vacation homes.

Automatic or manual, wooden or metal, regardless of the materials you choose for your garage door, what matters most is how you secure you feel both inside and away from home.

Your garage accounts for a third of your abode. Bring out the value of your home by balancing out the exteriors with what’s already present. It may just be an extension, but it’s still very much a valuable space.

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