Gold Canyon, AZ Garage Door Repair Services

Having a broken garage door can be an extreme pain, especially when you use it as the main entrance to your home. You might be thinking a repair is going to cost you a lot of money.

Here at Phoenix Garage Master, we offer affordable and professional garage door services. Our garage door specialists are licensed and certified in repair, installation and maintenance on all different kinds of garage doors. If your garage door keypad or clicker is broken, let us know for we can repair them as well. Don’t worry about the times for we’re available 24/7.

We proudly serve the Gold Canyon area so if you’re looking for a garage door repair service in that area, you can count on Phoenix Garage Master! Call us today at (602) 344-9392 to learn more about our online deals and $29 service check-up.

Why Contact Phoenix Garage Master in Goldcanyon, AZ?

  • Licensed and Experienced Professionals
  • Available 24/7
  • 10% Off Online Offers
  • $29 Service Calls
  • Can Perform Every Garage Door Service Imaginable, including Keypad repair.
  • Easy Scheduling
  • One Hour Response Time
  • Affordable Prices

Trails in Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon is the home to some of the most beautiful trails in the state of Arizona. Including the Hieroglyphic Trail which is an easy hike where you can find old Indian petroglyphs carved into the stone. Peralta Canyon also offers hikers breathtaking views of the surrounding areas. If you want to experience first hand the majestic Arizona landscapes then these trails are for you! Head over and let us know what you think!

gold canyon, az garage door repair

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