Getting your Garage Ready for the “Brrr” Months


Fluctuating temperatures are a year-long enemy that brings out the worst in us – and our homes. As one of the most frequently manipulated and accessed parts of the home, we tend to take our garage for granted.  Giving it a little more attention than usual can help alleviate bigger, future problems, especially during the winter spell.

A functioning garage is the only thing standing between us and intruders, harsh climate or unwanted critters. From jammed doors, strains and scraping sounds, it’s never too early to start weather-proofing.

Garage malfunctions don’t have to be a common crisis. Some garage repair tasks are easy to perform, while some may need to be professionally patched up. Inspect your garage while the weather still allows you to.


Customary Garage Checks

How often do you inspect your garage for leaks, cracks and holes? Sometimes all it needs is a little tightening and lubricant. You can also apply sealants and apply weather strips on your own. These fixes are simple enough to be done monthly, instead of waiting for a specific season to come rolling around.


Fix your Garage Door

Don’t settle with having to leave your car outside because your garage door is faulty. Door not rolling up all the way? Average garage doors move up and down almost a thousand times a year, resulting in its chains and bolts loosening up overtime. Squeaks and creaks are a sure sign that it needs replacement.


Clear your Garage Floors

Keep your snow gear and tools like shovels, car chains and snow blower in a corner meant for wet or icy outdoor equipment. Winter means frozen, sodden and muddy floors. The more cluttered your area is, the greater the chances of accidents occurring.


Insulate Garage Walls

Keep temperatures in your garage neutral – not too cold, but not too warm either. Imagine your glasses fogging up because of condensation when faced with a sudden change in climate. The same can happen to parts of our car as it enters our poorly insulated.


Avoid the Hassle

It’s also most likely that other homeowners will be flocking last minute to hardware stores during Christmas season to find materials as well. Chances are, these stores will run out of the supplies you’ll need. Tough luck.


To Keep Car in Garage or Not?

Many argue that immediately parking the car in the garage after driving through a snowstorm will shorten the car’s life span. Once the snow melts, the warm interior of the garage will combine with salt residues on the car and result in rusting. A part that is prone to rust is the radiator.

Advantages and disadvantages aside, we can all agree that keeping the car in the garage will help maintain its aesthetics.


Save yourself the trouble of freezing your fingers and toes off while repairing and reinforcing your faulty garage parts. Would you really rather be outside doing handiwork than staying warm and toasty indoors?

Choosing to renovate your garage as early as possible will lessen the shock that repair expenses bring.  Early planning means you can allocate money in smaller portions, rather than struggling to squeeze in home equipment expenditures on funds meant for Christmas shopping.

 ‘Tis the season… to get ready.  

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