Garage Storage Solutions


Gardening and hardware tools and holidays décor need a place to go off-season, after all, it’s not like we use them all year round. One perk of storing your belongings in your garage, rather than renting a space elsewhere, is that you get to personalize your space. Color the walls with bright paint, incorporate prints or put up wallpapers.

Do what you want, but ensure that your main goal includes making a place for all your belongings. Don’t let your garage turn into a mound of unorganized clutter. Make the most out of your existing space with these garage storage solutions:

Peg Boards

Putting up a peg board is an easy solution if you’re fond of constantly rearranging your stuff and frequently use them. With the help of hooks, you have the freedom of hanging your things anywhere and any way you want: in the center, horizontally, vertically, at the bottom, or top. Ensure that it’s properly and securely attached to your wall so it doesn’t fall over and cause any mishaps.

Wall Panels

Another adjustable storage solution is the installation of a wall panel. If your items are a little on the heavy side, this can keep them in place. Like peg boards, items hanging can easily be shifted and transferred as preferred. With the help of baskets, clear bins and hooks, everything you need will be effortlessly visible and at reach.

Overhead Storage Shelving

If you need to clear as much floor space as possible, overhead storage may be applicable for your garage. Rather than gathering everything in a corner, overhead storage allows for equal distribution of containers and weight. These can either be positioned around the edges of the ceiling or right above the garage door. Make sure your garage door functions well though, so it doesn’t interfere with the overhead shelves, or cause accidents.

Loft Type Storage

This type of storage falls under overhead storeroom as well. This option is perfect for those who have a higher ceiling. Rather than separately using a ladder to access your containers, this loft type storage space has a ladder readily attached. Not using up all the loft space? Feel free to use it as a hangout spot for your kids – indoor tree house style.

You’d be surprised how quickly things pile up and come in and out of your garage. Before you know it, you barely have room for your car. Use any of these storage solutions so your space is maximized.

Some have also taken to using magnetic strips as an organization tool. The only downside to this method is that items that stick to magnet are mostly knives and sharp tools. It isn’t advisable if you have tiny tots constantly running around. Cabinets are overrated. There’s more ways to store items than the typical drawers, cubby spaces and shelves behind doors.

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