Garage Safekeeping Tips


Many homeowners already consider their garages and garage doors as reinforcement, when in fact it’s one of the most dangerous places at home.

One of the leading causes of injuries caused in the garage come from tools that are misplaced and unorganized. Bear in mind that you have to keep your garage safe from outside, and inside, forces.

It is also a burglar’s favorite entry point when it comes to breaking in a home.

When was the last time you checked your garage doors for loose bolts, springs or defects?

Invest In a Garage Door Monitor

Most common dangers and thefts start with unlocked or loose doors.

The service door or the entry door from the garage to the home is one of the most vulnerable and frequently targeted weak spots in a home. Burglars often aim for this area because most homeowners rely too much on their garage door, forgetting – and completely neglecting – to lock their inner doors.

Aside from making sure your garage door is sturdy, a garage door monitor is a more convenient tool to use to check whether your door has been thoroughly closed. Some even have features that enable you to connect to a smart phone.

If you’re more traditional when it comes to home care, installing a deadbolt in both the service and garage doors can also provide additional security.

Always Have a Spare

Hiding spare keys under a mat, rock or flowerpot are overrated.

Whether it is a key or a remote, always make sure you have a spare with you –physically. If you can, avoid keeping your garage remote in your car. Have it made into a keychain instead.

When going away on a long trip, disconnect or unplug the opener. Put a deadbolt from the inside for extra precaution.

Keep Area Well-lit

Dark areas are the perfect hiding spots. If the budget allows it, set up a hidden camera.

Automated and sensitive lights that turn off and on at specific times are a good investment. Even if you’re not home, bright lights are sure to give the impression that someone is indoors or that the house is occupied.

This is applies to your personal safety while moving around your garage, as well. Set up multiple lights and make sure your garage/work area is well-lit to avoid accidents.

Minimize the View From Outside

The more flashy or showy you seem, the more eager and tempted burglars are to break in. Don’t give them an idea or incentive to. Abstain from installing too many windows. If you must, install tinted or one-way glass to maintain as much privacy as possible.

Refrain from keeping valuables in your garage. Give them no reason to break in in the first place. Make sure your doors and windows are always locked and your curtains drawn.

Being proactive will always be best weapon.

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