Garage Expansion: Attached VS. Detached


After visiting plenty of open houses, you’ve finally found the one you want. Except there’s one thing missing: a garage.

You ask yourself, “Am I better off searching for another home that fits my preferences, or should I just build my own garage?”

If you chose the latter, the dilemma you face revolves around whether or not it should be an attached or detached garage.

Maintain curb appeal by choosing the right garage type for your home. Before you decide, consider the land area, location, weather, style, and architecture of your home. But most importantly, consider your budget.

Attached Garage

An attached garage is exactly what the name suggests – it is connected to the home. This type of garage is popular among a majority of homeowners, especially those who live in cold snowy areas, as it reduces the need to trek through harsh conditions. In short, you escape the wrath of Mother Nature.

The biggest perk is convenience and accessibility.

Attached garages are usually built on either side of a home. Choosing to build an attached garage allows for more space for landscaping. It gives you room to start a garden or maintain a backyard. This type of garage is best for newer, more modern homes.

Compared to the total cost of building a standalone garage, attached garages are cheaper by about 10 percent.

Detached Garage

If your home belongs to the aging, classic/traditional kind, detached garages are a better fit.

Detached garages are best and most compatible with homes that have ample land area.

This type of garage provides more privacy for those who value alone time. If your resources allow it, it can also double as a workshop or a guest house. In relation to safety, the seclusion of this structure prevents fumes and flammables from affecting your home.

However, if you’re working under a budget and all you’re concerned about is having a roof over your vehicle, the cheapest option for detached garages is a carport.

To reach your car from the front door, or vice versa, make sure you’re ready and willing to brave the cruel weather.

Nowadays, garages are used for more than just shelter or storage. Whichever type of garage you choose, make sure the materials you use are reliable, especially when it comes to proper installation of doors.

As tempting as it is to do the labor and repairs on your own, it is always best – and safer – to consult experts before diving into home renovation projects head-on.

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