Garage Conversion Alternatives for the Carless Homeowner


Any additional space is useful space. No matter what you choose to convert your garage into, don’t forget to do some quick renovations and safety checks – especially if you’re going to keep expensive items and furniture in there. So, what’s there to do with all this empty space?


Aside from the attic and basement, the garage offers easier storeroom and access to your frequently used materials and tools that you can’t exactly take inside the house like the boots you wear on rainy days, the barbecue grill, gardening tools, sports equipment, holiday décor, bikes and skateboards, etc.

Hangout/Activity Room

For those with more than one child at home, converting the garage into a game room or activity room is one way to keep them from making a mess indoors while still making sure they’re safe inside the boundaries of your home.

Set up a foosball table or make some room for their interactive games like Twister, Wii or Kinect. Allot a corner for the boys to play their videogames. You can also set aside an area for the toddlers to make a mess you’d otherwise object to if it were done indoors.

When friends and teens come over, parents no longer have to worry about cleanliness and maintenance. The garage has, after all, turned into their little safe haven.
Wellness area

Save up a few months worth of gym membership fees and make yourself a gym in the comfort of your own home. Working out doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make use of bulky and heavy equipment. Make room for essentials like a treadmill, an area or a mat for drills, and weights. Depending on the available space, everything else like motivational posters, bench press and pull up bars, are completely optional.

Home Theater

Turn this unused space into film junkie’s paradise. First of all, make sure your garage doors are secure and still functioning well before you move your TVs, sound system and DVD players in. choose a comfortable couch you’re willing to wear out since you and your family might be spending a majority of your time here. Also add in a rug for extra sitting room.

Keep a heater or a fan around to maintain normal and bearable temperatures. And a mini fridge for snacks and drinks.

Convert Into a Bedroom/Guest Room

For families that are growing in numbers but running short on space, converting the garage into a bedroom usually becomes their practical, last-resort decision. Remember that the garage is a lot less insulated and ventilated compared to other rooms in the house. Install essential insulation to stop cold air from seeping in. If space allows it, also provide a bathroom for convenience.

Home Office

Those working from home or doing freelance work for a living, this is your chance to create your dream workplace/office. It’s no surprise that sometimes working in an area where we’re TOO comfortable (like the bed or the couch in the living room) can decrease your productivity levels. With an “office” that you designed yourself, you might get even more motivated to do work.
Who wouldn’t want easy access to a stable Wi-Fi connection, a kitchen or a bathroom? Plus, if you get sleepy, the bedroom’s just a few steps away. This is a win-win situation for self-employed individuals.

Choose your conversions according to your family’s needs. Plan out your renovations well and check whether or not your neighborhood requires permits for certain projects. Take advantage of the available additional space while your dream car isn’t occupying the garage yet.

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