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From the first day Michel Gendreau purchased a failing garage door company, his dreams of offering the most innovative, high quality products on the market were being realized. He quickly founded Garaga Garage Doors and turned it into the leader in the Canadian market for the most popular, contemporary designs. Garaga was the first manufacturer to provide aluminum doors north of the border, and their offerings since have done nothing but exceed the expectations of their customers.

Garaga’s residential garage doors come in a staggering eleven different series. Each series offers as many as nine different colors, a selection unheard of in the competition’s lines. Most come insulated by default as well, proving that Garaga is driven by providing the highest quality at the best possible price.

When it comes to contemporary design, Garaga truly sets the trends. Their California doors provide a look that screams modernity and opulence. If you are looking for something architectural without being a full door of windows, you can mix and match windows in a variety of grid patterns on the Standard model to create any look you wish. Checkerboard, diagonal fade or asymmetrical, the choice is yours. Lastly, their bold color options make any door look more hip, from dark Moka Brown to bright Ice White.

One can’t have a garage door without a garage door opener, and Garaga provides opening units so that you can buy the whole system in one easy transaction. The LiftMaster series comes in AC and DC options, belt or chain, and varying horsepower ratings. Backed by a four-year motor warranty, the combination of a LiftMaster opener with a Garaga door offers you exceptional results.

Garaga started off humbly and has remained connected to its heritage, adhering to the dreams of its founder to be the best of the best. With each new offering they prove that it doesn’t take a massive company to offer the top products at the lowest prices. While the competition may focus on increasing sales, Garaga will continue to focus on pleasing its customers.

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