The Value of Annual Garage Door Inspections


Three Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea To Have Your Garage Door Inspected Once a Year

As many new homeowners often do, it is easy to cruise in and out of your garage door each day without giving a second thought to the risks of an improperly functioning garage door. There are several risks involved, however, that most homeowners never consider. There are in fact a few you just can’t afford to ignore.

The Risks: Personal Injury

While most have never considered the weight of their garage door falling on them it is a possibility, especially with any device that contains moving parts being attached to the ceiling above your head. The fact is the average weight of most garage doors is between 150 to 250 pounds. Now consider the injury and even potential death that could occur from the door falling on your head.

The Risks: Property Damage

Besides the danger of the door falling on a person, there is the chance of the door falling on your vehicle itself either while it is unattended or even in motion. The damage a 150 to 250 pound door can do to a vehicle is substantial and repairs will likely reach into the thousands of dollars.

The Risks: Theft and Intruders

Besides providing shelter from the elements to your vehicle, a garage door provides security for your home as it protects a direct entrance in most cases. An improperly functioning garage door can be easily manipulated by burglars or other criminals looking to do you harm.

The Solution

The risks listed above are only a few from a long list of potential hazards and expensive damages. Most have never considered them much less know the actual weight of their garage door and its damage potential. To avoid these risks it is important to have a professional repairman inspect your garage door at least once a year as with any machinery with moving parts things wear down and the potential for catastrophe increases.

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